mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

good news

Proprio non me l'aspettavo cosi in fretta...
ho fatto la richiesta venerdi' sera...
e oggi, martedì mattina...
il visto è arrivato!!!

We are pleased to advise that your application for a work visa under the Working Holiday Scheme has been approved.


questo vuol dire che è tutto vero!
si parte!
si cambia vita!
una nuova avventura mi aspetta...

posso riassumere il mio stato attuale con questa immagine

le parole non sarebbero abbastanza...

Ecco cosa c'e' scritto sul visto

Work visa under a Working Holiday Scheme
I am pleased to inform you that your application for a work visa under a Working Holiday Scheme has been approved.

Your work visa
Details of your work visa are at the bottom of this letter. You must print a copy and present it to a Customs officer. Your work visa enables you to travel to and enter New Zealand before 9/04/2014.
Your working holiday will activate on the first day you enter New Zealand . You should therefore travel to New Zealand only when you are ready to start your working holiday.
You must leave New Zealand before your work visa expires. However, if you wish to extend your stay in New Zealand you may apply for another type of temporary visa or for residence, if eligible. If you were granted a work visa for 12 months under the United Kingdom Working Holiday Scheme, you may apply for the balance of 11 months under this scheme. To find out more on the options available, please visitour website.

Travel conditions
The travel conditions (listed at the end of this message) on your visa allow you to re-enter New Zealand multiple times after first entry.
Terms and conditions of your work visa
It is important that you read the terms and conditions on your work visa carefully as well as the instructions below.
You must show a copy of this letter to a customs officer when you first arrive (and when you wish to re-enter New Zealand )
You must declare that you are applying for a work visa when you complete your arrival card.
You must have evidence of funds for your maintenance in New Zealand and if you do not have an onward or return ticket, evidence of further funds for the purchase of this ticket.
You may also be asked to provide evidence of any other conditions that you were required to meet as part of the working holiday scheme under which you submitted your application.

Liability for deportation and appeal rights
It is your responsibility to remain on a valid visa at all times. If you remain in New Zealand after your visa has expired, you will become unlawful and will be liable for deportation. If you have grounds to appeal and wish to appeal against your liability for deportation, you may appeal on humanitarian grounds no later than 42 days after first becoming unlawful in New Zealand , to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (the Tribunal). Further information on how to lodge an appeal to the Tribunal are available at the Tribunal's website
If you are deported from New Zealand you may be subject to a period of prohibition from re-entering New Zealand . A person who has been deported cannot return to New Zealand until they have repaid any costs relating to their deportation.
If you become unlawful and depart New Zealand voluntarily before being served with a deportation order you will not be subject to a period of prohibition, however your immigration history will be taken into account in any future visa applications.

Your passport details
Your passport details will be checked when you arrive in New Zealand . They must be the same details you provided on your online application.

Employment in New Zealand
When you find a job in New Zealand, you must show your work visa to your employer as evidence that you have permission to work in New Zealand .
We have put together a list of websites with information on employment opportunities, travel planning and entertainment to help you plan your working holiday. We may also e-mail you with information on temporary employment opportunities in New Zealand .

Contact us
If you have any queries about your work visa, please telephone our Immigration Contact Centre in New Zealand on +64 9 914 4100 or your nearest Immigration New Zealand branch. You can also contact us online and quote the client number recorded at the top of this letter.
This document contains important information. Please keep it in a safe place for your future reference.

Yours sincerely,

Working Holiday Team


Electronic work visa granted under Section 28 of the Immigration Act 2009.
Type of application: Working Holiday Scheme
Start Date: 09 April 2013

Terms and conditions:
Visa valid for further travel for 12 month(s) from first arrival. This visa expires 12 month(s) after first arrival. When entering NZ, stay is subject to grant of entry permission. You must leave New Zealand before the expiry of your visa or face deportation. Return/onward ticket not required. The holder may work as part of a Working Holiday Scheme in any employment but may not work for the same employer for more than 3 months. The holder shall not study for more than 3 months in any 12 month period.

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